have you ever had this nagging feeling of what to cook whenever a festive season is around the corner? what mood do i want to create? i want it to be different but not too overwhelming for my guests....who am i inviting? what is the occasion? are they adults or children? big eaters or mousy eaters? well there is room for everyone... read on.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mealtime Recipes

  • Onepot Meatballs
  • Bittergourd Chicken
  • Fatt Tiew Cheong
  • Braised Pig Trotter with Turnips and Carrots
  • Chai Boey (Leftovers Stewpot)
  • Mackeral and Leeks
  • Steam Promfret in Oyster Sauce
  • Soupy Bah Kut Teh
  • Smoked Oyster Fried Rice
  • Sticky Chili Pork Ribs
  • Semi-Soupy Bah Kut Teh
  • Garlic Sausage Hot Pot
  • Stir Fry Beef with Baby Kai Lan
  • Jing Du Spare Ribs
  • Stuffed Sambal Belacan Fish
  • Instant Noodles Lunch
  • Sambal Ikan Bilis and Cuttlefish
  • Stewed Pork Patties with Potatoes
  • Roasted Pork Belly (Siew Yoke)
  • Salted Fish Gulai
  • Easy Beef Stew
  • Pork and Beans Platter
  • Mini Minced Meat Burger
  • Prawn Omelettes
  • Mesquite Smoke Pan-Fried Steak
  • Watercress Soup
  • Spicy Stir-fry Bittergourd
  • Chili Crabs
  • Pumpkin Fish Curry
  • Hairy Marrow Soup
  • Ju Hu Char
  • Country Oxtail Stew
  • Refreshing Porridge (Congee)
  • Banana Leaf Grilled Fish
  • Sambal Hae-Bee (Dried Shrimp) Petai
  • Braised Pork Thigh
  • Stir-fry Salted Prawns
  • Clear Vegetable Soup
  • Mom's Spicy Snack
  • Fish Porridge(Congee)
  • Clear Mix Vegetable Soup
  • Roast Leg of Lamb
  • Lamb Soup
  • Iceberg Lettuce with Garlic Oil
  • Arrowroot, Lotus Root and Groundnut Soup
  • Roasted Soft Pork Ribs
  • Ceylon Spinach Soup (Saan Choy Thong)
  • Vegetable Curry Hotpot
  • Chinese Pork Chop Stack
  • Curry Calamari
  • Mom's Chili Tau Chu Crabs
  • Dry Muhibbah Curry
  • Penang Char Koay Teow
  • Braised Pork Belly and Baby Pig Intestines

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