have you ever had this nagging feeling of what to cook whenever a festive season is around the corner? what mood do i want to create? i want it to be different but not too overwhelming for my guests....who am i inviting? what is the occasion? are they adults or children? big eaters or mousy eaters? well there is room for everyone... read on.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fish Porridge (Congee)

Weather today has been simply crazy, been glugging down liquid whole day long and feeling so lethargic. What better food to consume other than a watery meal, congee! Someone told me Calrose rice makes real good congee, that someone is right! I tried it today and it turned out the way I like it, mushy. My father and mother-in-law loves this a lot, since it's easy to eat and effortless to digest.

1 litre fish stock 2 cups Australian calrose rice (japanese rice) filtered water Wash rice till water clears. Boil washed rice in some filtered water. When rice is half-cooked, add in fish stock, stirring the rice from time to time so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot or rice cooker. (whichever is used) Continue to cook till rice is mushy and soft (add water if congee is too thick) 600 gm sole fish fillet (cubed while still slightly frozen, easier to cut) marinate the sole fish cubes with shredded ginger, a drizzle of fish sauce, sea salt, white pepper, a drizzle of sesame oil, light soya sauce, 1 cup Shao Hsin fragrant rice wine and pop it back into the fridge.

When the congee is pipping hot and ready to be served, put in all the fish fillet, stir and cover for 10 minutes. If fish is sliced, time for it to cook throughly in the congee will be shorter. Garnish congee with coriander leaves, shredded ginger or sliced chili and a drizzle of garlic oil. Needs no guessing which bowl was mine.


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