have you ever had this nagging feeling of what to cook whenever a festive season is around the corner? what mood do i want to create? i want it to be different but not too overwhelming for my guests....who am i inviting? what is the occasion? are they adults or children? big eaters or mousy eaters? well there is room for everyone... read on.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Darlin' Daughter Turns 3!

This month marks exactly 3 years of motherhood for me. I thank God for all the wonderful times with my daughter, may it be 'cleaning up after she throws up when she's not well' to 'cuddly bedtime story-telling in bed under the warm cosy sheets of comforters'. Motherhood can never be a bed of roses all the time but definitely has plenty of fulfilling rewards.
My daughter's 1 year old party was celebrated only with family and her 2nd birthday was a simple party at home with family and close friends. Daddy and I promised her a bigger and more memorable party for her 3rd birthday so we decided to have a poolside bash with family and slightly more friends. We had close to 20 kids playing in the pool, some were nuking each other with water balloons, others were wandering aimlessly around. God blessed us with fine weather (no rain) until much later when everyone had finished swimming and blowing of candles was over, it started to pour. That made the whole alfresco dining so much more inviting.
A month before her birthday, she wanted me to bake her birthday cake. A promise is a promise, rule number one in parenting! I was blogging one night and she stopped me and pointed at cupcakes on my computer screen. So that's what she wanted and that was the birth of her birthday cupcakes! I tried a few recipes and decided to follow the Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes recipe from chockylit.blogspot.com. It's just marvelous! I substituted coffee with chocolate and some were just plain butter. I also changed the icing to plain lemon buttercream frosting which complimented the cupcakes very well. The frosting was not too hard nor too soft but just perfect.
Recipe for frosting
125 gm butter (room temperature)
500 gm icing sugar
a little milk
juice of 1/2 a lemon
Beat all the ingredients together taking great care not to add too much milk. Consistency must be soft and creamy but does not drop off from the spoon.
Separate the frosting into different bowls and add different colors to each.
Pipe using disposable piping bags with small star nozzle in a circular motion. Next is to decorate slightly with some ready-made red sugar hearts. Notice the 3 hearts.... one belongs to Daddy, Mommy and last but not least the birthday girl. The birthday girl loved it so much that she couldn't wait to blow out the candles and tuck in. Same went for all her tiny guests, even the boys!
As for the adults, there was a spread of the 'must have lobak', some choice sausages, roasted ducks and BBQ pork 'siew yoke' for the wine table. A very tasty dish of 'mee siam' fried by her church friends' mommy ( which I myself had 3 helpings), some hokkien noodles and chicken satay.
At the end of the evening, I was real pleased with the whole party ... weather, food, guests, cake and most of all my little girl was happy and thrilled to have turned 3 with a big bash!


  • I thought the 2nd pix was roses before I read wat u wrote!

  • you are a really loving and wonderful mum. your daughter is really lucky. wonderful cupcakes you have there!

  • Absolutely grand. Love the cupcakes. Our oldest son turns 35 tomorrow and still remembers the train, the R2-D2 and the spider carrot cakes that I made for birthdays. I'd say you're doing good!

  • Very pretty cupcakes. Ur dd must have been very happy. Good job done.

  • Hi Tummythoz! I surprised myself too with the rose like frosting. Trial and errors paid off :D

    Yea rokh, Hope darling daughter will know how to appreciate mommy when I get old.

    Wow! Tanna, U must be a great cake baker ... cool!

    Thanks Puspha! Can tell she was really overjoyed that day! Grinning from ear to ear.

  • what a nice mummy.......

  • The heart shape thingy looks very nice and sweet. Gotta learn how to do these lil cakes to 'kao-lui'!!! It melts girls' heart i guess?

    Happy Birthday Lil Girl! :)

  • Yea Kampungkai, definitely melts hearts and also show u can bake. It's a plus nowadays!

    Thanks Mike, I try my best but not exactly the nicest mummy all the time.

  • Marvellous cupcake and delicious story. Your daugther is lucky.

  • Hi,

    Any chance you take orders for the cupcakes? Would love to order from you

  • Hi,

    Any chance you take orders for your cupcakes?


  • Farhaini, if you are reading this, pls post your contact number. My e-mail is temporary having some technical problems. Thanks.

  • Audrey, your cupcakes look sooo pretty! Like roses in full bloom.

    Btw, I also love your blog. Have to work on mine still. Not quite there yet (wherever 'that' is!). It's nice to know that you're into photography as well. It's a recently found passion of mine as well (ever since I started my food blog). Ever eager to learn!

  • Oh Audrey! The cupcakes are sooooo lovely!! I hope when I try to do them someday they'll turn out like yours!

  • Hi audrey,

    I love those cupcakes. Is so warm n sweet to look at them. I want to make them for my daughter's 2nd birthday. Can u share w me the cupcakes receipe? My email is angeline_chow@hotmail.com.

    Thanks alot.


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